Ban-Dar Hsu
Name Ban-Dar Hsu
職稱 Honorary Professor
Address Room 208,LS Bldg. I
Personal website
授課領域 Biophysics/Photobiology
研究專長 Biophysics/Photobiology
Year Paper Title
2010 Su, V. and Hsu, B.D.*, Transient Expression of the Cytochrome p450 CYP78A2 Enhances Anthocyanin Production in Flowers, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter , 28, 2, pp302-308, (SCI)
2009 Tsai, C.M. and Hsu, B.D.*, Thermotolerance of the photosynthetic light reactions in two Phaseolus species: a comparative study, Photosynthetica , 47, 2, pp255-262, (SCI)
2009 Lee, T.C. and Hsu, B.D.*, Disintegration of the cells of siphonous green alga Codium edule (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) under mild heat stress, Journal of Phycology, 45, 2, pp348-356, (SCI)
2009 Chang, P.T., Lin, K.P., Lin, C.S., Hung, K.C., Hung, L.T. and Hsu, B.D., Developing a Fuzzy Bicluster Regression to Estimate Heat Tolerance in Plants by Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Ieee Transactions on Fuzzy Systems , 17, 3, pp485-504, (SCI)
2007 Hsu, B.D.*, On the possibility of using a chlorophyll fluorescence parameter as an indirect indicator for the growth of Phalaenopsis seedlings, Plant Science, 172, 3, pp604-608, (SCI)
2003 Hsu, B.D.* and Leu, K.L. (2003) A possible origin of the middle phase of polyphasic chlorophyll fluorescence transient. Funct. Plant Biol. 30, 571-576.
2003 Su, V. and Hsu, B.D.* (2003) Cloning and expression of a putative cytochrome P450 gene that influences the colour of Phalaenopsis flowers. Biotech. Lett. 25, 1933-1939
2003 Su, V. and Hsu, B.D.* (2003) Isolation and sequencing a genomic DNA encoding for Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase from Phalaenopsis. DNA Sequence 14, 442-449.
2002 Pai, C.Y., Hsieh, L.L., Tsai, C.W., Chiou, F.S. Yang, C.H. and Hsu, B.D.* (2002) Allelic alterations at the STR markers in the buccal tissue cells of oral cancer patients and the buccal epithelial cells of healthy betel quid-chewers: an evaluation of forensic applicability. Forensic Sci. Int., 129, 158-167.
2002 Yang, Y.P., Juang, Y.S. and Hsu, B.D.* (2002) A quick method for assessing chloroplastic starch granules by flow cytometry. J. Plant Physiol., 159, 103-106.
2002 Pai, C.Y.*, Hsieh, L.L., Tsai, C.W., Chiou, F.S., Hsu, B.D. and Yang, C.H. (2002) An evaluation of stability of forensic markers used in betel-quid chewers’ oral swab samples and oral cancerous specimens: an implication for forensic application. J. Forensic Sci., 48, 88-92.
2001 Tzeng, S. and Hsu, B.D.* (2001) Chlorophyll degradation in heat-treated Chlorella pyrenoidosa. A flow cytometric study. Aust. J. Plant Physiol., 28, 79-83
2001 Su, V., Hsu, B.D.* and Chen, W.H. (2001) The Photosynthetic activities of bare rooted Phalaenopsis during storage. Scientia Horticulturae, 87, 311-318.
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Honors & Awards (NTHU) 2006